The Public Theater
Shakespeare in the Park
music by Alan Menken
lyrics by David Zippel
book by Kristoffer Diaz
directed by Lear deBessonet
choreography by Chase Brock
set design by Dane Laffrey
lighting design by Tyler Micoleau
sound design by Kai Harada
wig and makeup design by Cookie Jordan
puppet design by James Ortiz
photos by Joan Marcus

"Special nod go to Andrea Hood’s costume choices, which show wit as well as bling — including Phil’s tracksuit, Herc’s fancy footwear and especially Meg’s hot leather jacket and pants, which signal strength and daring, especially next to the guy in a toga.” —Frank Rizzo, VARIETY

“Zeus and Hera — Michael Roberts and Tar-Shay Margaret Williams, looking fabulous in two of the deliciously campy, sequin-studded looks that costume designer Andrea Hood has created for the Greek pantheon.” —Sara Holdren, NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“The production's visual impact is enhanced by Andrea Hood's colorful (and considering the size of the cast, plentiful) costumes.” —Frank Scheck, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Remarkable and colorful costumes.” —Thom Geier, THE WRAP